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If you are a certified TLCPCP Trainer and would like to be listed here and/or join our various online community of practice forums, CLICK HERE.

Click in the appropriate red area of the map below to locate qualified trainers or click here for text links to locations worldwide.  Before making a decision, click here for things to consider.  To become a qualified trainer, please click here or contact Michael Smull for other assistance.

Please keep in mind that The Learning Community for Person Centered Practices does not recommend any one trainer over another.  Who you select is up to you.  We do recommend that you ask some questions so that you select the trainer who will best meet your needs. 

We suggest the following questions

  • What training have they completed?  When?  By whom?  

  • How often have they delivered the specific training over the past several years?  

  • Who could you contact about their more recent efforts?

If you can obtain references ask those who received the training:  

  • How useful/helpful did the participants find the training?  

  • Did the trainer keep the participants interest throughout the training?  

  • Was the trainer available for to answer questions and to provide assistance after the training? 

  • How have they stayed current with the training?  

  • When was the last time they received updated training materials? (Note that most training materials are updated every 1-2 years.)

If you have questions about the trainings please feel free to contact any Board member via email by clicking on their name at the following link:


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